EVE Isk per Hour - Application Registration Instructions

To use EVE IPH to its fullest potential, you must authorize the application to view your characters' details through CCP's Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication system, called EVE Swagger Interface (ESI). Through the Autheticated API access option, this sytem allows IPH to access your selected permission scopes to read things like your character's assets, skills, and blueprints. This process also ensures that you have control of access to your character API and you can remove that access at any time. Additionally, to keep your information secure as possible, any information about this application is available to only you.

The following steps will allow you to register EVE IPH as an application and allow you to utilize API access within the program.

Data Entry WindowEVE IPH Data Entry Window

You are probably here because you clicked the "Instructions" button on the ESI Authorization window in EVE IPH. This window is where you will store data from each of the steps on the form on the right.  

All information you enter on the form will be saved locally on your computer in the installation directory as "AppRegistrationInformation.xml" if you wish to access, edit, or delete it. This is for security reasons and ensures you have total control over EVE IPH's access to your character information. Finally, if you don't want to register the application and use API data, you can select 'Skip Entry' to use the dummy character.

Step 1 - Logging into Application System

The first step to registering the application with CCP through their webiste. To do this, first go to https://developers.eveonline.com/. You should see the following at the top of the screen:CCP Application Registration

Click 'Log in' to log in with the account from which you want to manage this application. The account you use will be the only way you can manage the application after it is created. After you have logged in, click on 'MANAGE APPLICATIONS' to begin adding an application to the system. You will see the screen on the left. Click 'Create New Application' and go to Step 2.

Step 2 - Creating the Application

Name, Description, and Connection Type

After clicking on 'Create New Application', you will see the form on the left.

Enter an application Name, Description, and select 'Authentication & API Access'. You can name and describe it anything you want but you should use something that will help you remember the application in the future, if you want to update these settings.

Enter Name Description Connection Type


Scrolling down, you should see the permissions section. In this section, you select the permissions you want your copy of IPH to have access to. Enter in the search box search terms or the full name to limit the entries shown. When you find the right entry, click on the name and description to add it to the 'Requested Scopes List'. For example, if you want to allow permissions to read your character's assets, type 'assets' in the search box and then select 'esi-assets.read_assets.v1: Allows reading a list of assets that the character owns' from the list to add it. EVE IPH currently uses the following permissions:

Permissions to read_skills is required to use IPH. Additionally, CCP will periodically update these permission versions (v1 to v2, etc.) and you will be able to update that access here. 

Callback URL

Callback URLBelow permissions, you will now see an area for entering a callback URL for CCP to return data that IPH uses to authorize the program and give access to the scopes you have selected. Where indicated in the box, type ''. is the IP address for 'localhost', which is your computer and 12500 is the Port IPH will use to connect and transfer ESI data.

Create Application

Verify your details and create the application.
Create Application
After creating the application, you'll be redirected to the original applications page at the end of Step 1. From there you will see your application listed below 'Your Applications.' Click on the 'View Application' you named for EVE IPH in this step to view the application details and see the information needed in Step 3.

Step 3 - Save application information into EVE IPH.

When you select 'View Application' you will see information about your application. For this step, we will use the data listed under 'Application Settings,' as shown here:Application Settings
In the settings, you see the Client ID, Secret Key, your callback URL with port number, and what scopes you have allowed IPH to use. Now, open IPH or go back to the original ESI Authorization window to complete the process of registering your application for API access.
EVE IPH Authorization Window
1. Enter the Client ID in the Client ID box.
2. Enter the Secret Key into the Secret Key box.
3. Hit the 'Copy Scopes to Clipboard' button and then paste the results into the Scopes box. Note, if you want to enter them manually or edit them, each scope must be separated by a space, comma, or return/linefeed.
4. Hit the 'Save Data' button and you are done!

Now your copy of IPH is registered as an application and will be able to use API data for the scopes you provided. If at any time you want to update or delete access to your API, you have full control to do it through CCP's interface. However, if you delete the application, you will need to follow these steps to re-enter the information in EVE IPH to use the API features.

If you have questions or issues with this process, please email eveiskperhour@gmail.com.